Mohammad Saidee Hasan

PhD candidate


Mohammad Saidee Hasan, from Bangladesh, is a PhD Fellow of Coastal Systems & Engineering and Port Development Chair Group at IHE Delft. He is also affiliated with the Department of Hydraulic Engineering (Coastal Engineering Section) of Delft University of Technology on a joint degree programme. 
He is also working as Assistant Professor in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering Dept. of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh. He holds a BSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from BUET, Bangladesh and a MSc. in Marine Technology degree from NTNU, Norway. He has interests in designing ships, floating platforms, coastal & offshore structures as well as development of new methods or technologies within Naval or Coastal Engineering discipline.

Research Summary

Research Topic
Interactions Between Ship-generated Waves and Nearby Floating Structures or Ships in Shallow Water.
Several scientific challenges need to be addressed for efficient, innovative and safer design of the ports. Among other things understanding the hydrodynamics and predicting the motion of the ships are of vital importance for safe passage, safe mooring, (un)loading operations, and to avoid marine accidents within the ports and harbours. This research project focuses on developing a non-hydrostatic flow model to investigate the motion of ships/floating objects due to the incident and ship-generated waves within a shallow water region. For this purpose, preferably the existing XBeach simulation tool developed by joint endeavour of IHE, TU Delft and Deltares will be used.


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