MOOC Water Transport and Distribution

This MOOC introduces the basics of planning, hydraulic- and engineering design, construction, operation & maintenance of water transport and distribution systems. 

For whom?

The curriculum of this course is designed for mid-career professionals dealing with technical aspects of drinking water transport & distribution, working for municipal assemblies, water supply companies or consulting bureaus. Pre-requisites are a BSc degree in Civil Engineering or similar technical background; general PC-computer knowledge; good English command.

Dates and fee

  • Start/end: any time (as of 4 March 2021)
  • Deadline for registration: open for registration at any time
  • Course fee: Free

The total study load is estimated at 140 hours (or 5 ECTS credits). The student work is not assessed in the MOOC version of the course. In the regular online and on campus version, the students can earn the ECTS credits by passing the exam and submitting the design exercise report of sufficient quality.


Course Materials

The following materials are available in the MOOC version of the course:

  • eBook: N. Trifunovic, Introduction to Urban Water Distribution, Taylor & Francis, 2006, reprint 2008
  • Recorded slide presentations (MS PowerPoint) covering the theory in the eBook
  • PDF files of the slides used in the recordings
  • EPANET software (US Environmental Protection Agency, Ver.2.12)
  • Recorded sessions of the EPANET tutorial
  • Network computer model (running in EPANET software) used in the design exercise, the EPANET files discussed in the tutorial in Appendix 2, and spread sheet hydraulic lessons (MS Excel) indicated in Chapters 2, 3 and 4.
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Learning objectives

After this course you will be able to:

  • distinguish between different network configurations and supplying schemes; recognize various consumption categories and their growth patterns, including water leakage; define the relation between the main hydraulic parameters, namely the demands, pressures, velocities and hydraulic gradients;
  • demonstrate understanding of the steady-state hydraulics for specified demand scenario, by being able to select appropriate pipe diameters, indicate optimum location of reservoirs and identify the number and size of the pumps used to supply the demand in the network;
  • apply the above theoretical knowledge by learning to perform computer-aided hydraulic calculations and predict the consequences of demand growth on the hydraulic performance of particular water transport and distribution system;
  • analyse the implications of various operational modes of pumping stations and compare the investment and operational costs for various network layouts and supplying schemes;
  • propose preliminary hydraulic design of the network that will integrate economic aspects, choose adequate components and pipe materials, and judge technical solutions dealing with the network maintenance, rehabilitation, and expansion.
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