Ms. Iris Frida Josch, Alumni Award winner 2015

Alumna Ms. Iris Frida Josch from Argentina was the winner of the IHE Delft Alumni Award 2015. The award is given annually to an alumnus/alumna who has proven to be a role model for other water professionals, by showing an outstanding contribution to water management practices.

Ms. Irish Frida Josh has been National Director of Hydraulic Projects and Public Works for the Undersecretary of Water Resources in Argentina since 1999. Under her administration 371 hydraulic projects were completed and implemented in Argentina. She was also Professor of Fluvial Hydraulics at La Plata National University, Hydraulic Department of Engineering Faculty, where trained several generations of Argentinian water professionals. 

Ms. Iris Josch studied at IHE, now IHE Delft, from 1967 to 1968, obtaining her Post Graduate Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering. Since returning to Argentina in 1968, she has used the knowledge acquired in the Course throughout her professional life. 

Though close to her well-deserved retirement, she has chosen to continue her work serving as leader of a team of engineers, architects, technicians and administrative staff, with the aim of developing more projects to improve water management in her country. 

Read the article about the announcement and ceremony of the award.


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