Environmental Technology and Engineering

In the IMETE programme you will become part of a new generation of environmental scientists. As a graduate, you will be able to design and apply state-of-the-art environmental technology and engineering solutions to tackle today’s global environmental problems. IMETE intensively promotes international networking and exchange of knowledge and experience between students, researchers and professionals of different nationalities.

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    What is Erasmus Mundus

    joint programme offered under the European Erasmus Mundus framework, part of the programme is given at a partner institute in another country


Erasmus Mundus, Ghent University, Gent, Belgium, IHE Delft, the Netherlands, and ICTP, Prague, Czech Republic.24 months, starts in September

For whom?

Environmental Technology and Engineering is geared towards students that are interested in deepening their knowledge on the the application of environmental technologies. You will have possibilities for thesis research in countries including China, India, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Uganda, USA, Colombia and Germany.

Successful graduates will be qualified for a professional career in:

  • The private sector (environmental technological applications in different domains);
  • Research sector (applied research at universities or research institutions, or in-company research);
  • The public sector (consulting in local, regional and (inter)national administrations, defining and implementing environmental policy for sustainable development).


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the Master degree in Environmental Technology and Engineering. This degree will be awarded jointly by the Institute of Chemical Technology, Ghent University and IHE Delft.

Joint programme

This specialization is a joint programme with Ghent University, Belgium, and Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Czech Republic.


Start: 03 September 2018
Application deadline: 01 July 2018

Learning objectives

The programme in Environmental Technology and Engineering programme will:

  • Train you to apply and develop environmental technologies and engineering techniques, with a strong focus on multidisciplinary and problem-based technology development;
  • Offer you a wide range of environmental technology solutions in an international environment;    
  • Promote networking and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of environmental technology and engineering between students of all nationalities, in particular also with students from developing countries and countries in transition from complementary study programmes, expected to take up prominent positions in the environmental protection sector or regulatory decision-making in their home countries after graduation;
  • Promote interaction between students, governments and the professional sector through involvement of scholars and guest lecturers, job fairs and the organisation of a summer school.

Tuition & fellowships

Information about tuition fees can be found here.

The following fellowships are recommended for prospective students who wish to study Environmental Technology and Engineering

  • Erasmus Mundus

    A limited number of EU Erasmus Mundus Scholarships is available on a competitive basis for the IMETE programme which starts in 2018. Read more about fellowships opportunities on the website of the programme.

Application & Admission

More information about application and admission for 2018 will be posted here soon.