Flood Risk Management

You will develop scientific and engineering knowledge needed to reduce the human and socio-economic losses caused by flooding while at the same time taking into account the social, economic, and ecological benefits from floods and the use of flood plains or coastal zones. 

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    What is Erasmus Mundus

    joint programme offered under the European Erasmus Mundus framework, part of the programme is given at a partner institute in another country


Erasmus Mundus, Delft (the Netherlands), Dresden (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Ljubljana (Slovenia)24 months, starts in September

For whom?

This Erasmus Mundus Programme is open to students with a BSc, preferably in civil or environmental engineering, but otherwise in geosciences, environmental sciences, limnology, oceanography, geography, geology or natural resources.


Students who successfully complete this programme will be awarded with a MSc degree in Water Science and Engineering from IHE Delft and a MSc degree in Hydro- Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Dresden.


Start: 07 September 2017
Application deadline: 15 June 2017

Learning objectives

After completing this specialization, you will have gained:

  • A broad and cross-boundary scientific knowledge on flood risk management;
  • A comprehensive knowledge base and understanding of the current theory and practice relating to flooding and flood management;
  • The fundamental knowledge leading to the understanding of socio-economic issues related to flooding;
  • A broad scientific knowledge about conservation, restoration and management measures to overcome challenges imposed on water by humans and by climate change;
  • An extended knowledge on a basin-wide approach to flood risk management.


You will find all information about the programme, application and admission on the website Erasmus Mundus Programme in Flood Risk Management.

Application & Admission

You will find all information about the programme, application and admission on the website Erasmus Mundus Programme in Flood Risk Management.