Water Conflict Management

You will study the management of water resources conflicts, focusing on negotiation, mediation and decision-making processes, in order to prevent, manage and resolve water conflicts. 

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    What is Delft based

    This programme will run entirely at UNESCO-IHE in Delft, the Netherlands

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Delft based, IHE Delft, The Netherlands18 months, starts in January

For whom?

The programme is designed for water managers as well as for institutional, legal and international relations experts interested in local, national and international water management.


The degree students receive from IHE Delft is the MSc degree in Water Management and Governance


Learning objectives

After completing the Water Management and Governance MSc programme and this thematic profile, you will be able to:

  • Describe for a given water resources system the interplay between the main biophysical processes and social dynamics, in analyzing, anticipating, preventing and managing conflicts;
  • Describe and explain the main concepts and instruments for analyzing and influencing formal and informal arrangements over water for collaboration, including policies, laws and institutions, and by adopting a historical perspective;
  • Explain the key concepts for integrated, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary analyses of water systems and describe the challenges of such approaches at sector, intersectoral and trans-boundary levels;
  • Name and critically discuss theories, concepts and tools of conflict management and cooperation building techniques in the context of natural resources and water in particular.

Application & Admission

Apply to the Water Management and Governance MSc Programme and enroll in this thematic profile during the course of the programme.


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