Lunchtime seminar

Multi-scale fluvial remote sensing, from large scale planning to restoration monitoring

  • 24 Apr 2019
  • 12:45 - 13:45
  • IHE Delft
Western Europe
Socio room

Fluvial remote sensing is becoming a very critical issue to better understand river processes and changes, target management actions at regional scale, diagnose river status and promote adaptive strategies through intensive channel monitoring. A few examples from South-east France are introduced and discussed.

About the speaker

Herve Piegay, research director at the National Center of Scientific Research, got his Ph.D. in 1995 on the interactions between riparian vegetation and channel geomorphology. Since 1995 he is continuing his studies at the University of Lyon (Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon), France. He is a fluvial geomorphologist involved in integrated sciences for rivers, strongly interacting with hydraulic engineers, freshwater ecologists and practitioners (Water Agencies, Regions, Ministry of Ecology, French agency for biodiversity, Compagnie Nationale du Rhone, EDF). He is strongly involved in river management, planning and restoration, developing methodological frameworks and tools using GIS and remote sensing. He has contributed to more than 200 papers in peer-review journals and book chapters and has coordinated several edited books such as Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology – Handbook for ecologists and practitioners with M.G. Kondolf (2003, 2015), Gravel-bed rivers 6 : From process understanding to river restoration with H. Habersack and M. Rinaldi (2007) or fluvial remote sensing for science and management with P. Carbonneau (2012). He got in 2018 the Linton Award of the Bristish Society for Geomorphology.


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