Musaed Aklan

PhD candidate


Eng. Musaed Aklan is a civil engineer and has worked as an international development projects’ manager.  He is specialized in water engineering and management and has more than 10 years of professional and academic experiences in the water field; lecturing, planning, designing and projects management. Mr. Aklan contributed to a number of water policies and strategies in Yemen. He worked with various water & WASH projects with several government institutions, universities, local communities and international organizations including KFW, World Bank, GIZ, USAID and WHO.

Aklan was chosen as one of the best three BSc graduates to join the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) team of experts. He pursued his post-graduate studies at IWRM- Cologne University, Germany and graduated in 2011 with MSc degree. With his MSc research, he was selected as one of the 10 best young researchers from different Arab countries to present his study at the TWAS-ARO 7th Annual Meeting on “Water, Nuclear and Renewable Energy”, December 2011 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt.

Directly after MSc graduation, Aklan managed and coordinated two donor-funded development projects (KFW, UN - DESA) just before he joined UNESCO-IHE as a PhD research fellow in Water Science and Engineering Department, where he was nominated as a member of PhD Association Board (PAB) in 2015. Musaed was a member of stakeholders participated evaluation interviews related to Evaluation of the UNESCO Institute for Water Education (UNESCO - IHE) _ Internal Oversight Service Evaluation Section IOS/ EVS / 2016.


Revitalizing Indigenous Water Harvesting Systems to Mitigate Drought and Flash Flood Damage - Yemen

Research Summary

Yemen is facing many challenges including the dwindling reserves of water resources. Yemen is dry and water-scarce country, has no permanent surface water (rivers or lakes) and facing flashflood hazards due to the intense and short-lived heavy rainfall events. Groundwater tables across many basins continue to fall at alarming rates. Yemen is very rich with indigenous water management techniques and it is believed that the water scarcity problems in Yemen led previous generations to develop and employ such a great variety of traditional systems. However, these diverse water harvesting techniques are either in decline or have been completely abandoned. Numerous landmarks and remnants of historical rainwater harvesting systems in Yemen can still be seen. This PhD study focus on indigenous water harvesting systems in Yemen, the causes and influences of abandoning them but also the feasibility and applicability of their revitalization. The study will investigate the potential impact of old water systems revival on mitigating current droughts and flashfloods. Field research and social studies, different experiences and studies from other countries, water models, GIS and remote sensing data are some of this study tools. 


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