Nadejda Andreev

PhD fellow


Nadejda has graduated from Moldova State University in 1995 with a degree in Biology and Soil Sciences. She has obtained her MSc in Environmental Sciences in 1997 from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University (Hungary) and MSc in Biodiversity from Biodiversity Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden). From 1998 to 2008 I have worked as a researcher at the Institute of Zoology, Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Ecotoxicology. From 2004 was leading the NGO WiSDOM, a local NGO in Moldova that deals with sustainable development. Since 2007 she was actively been involved in promotion of ecological sanitation in rural areas of Moldova.


Terra preta nova production for resource oriented management of human excreta

Research Summary

The PhD research deals with terra preta nova approach for managing the source separated human excreta for their safe reuse in agriculture.Terra preta is an ancient practice that was widespread in pre-Columbian Amazonia of converting of organic waste and biochar into valuable humus material contributing to long-lasting fertility. The research will assess if terra preta is a suitable approach for rural areas of Moldova where conventional waterborne sanitation is not always possible. The main research questions are:

  • What is the most optimal composition of terra preta nova substrate which will promote an efficient lacto-fermentation?
  • At which level can combined lacto-fermentation and vermicomposting contribute to shortening of faeces sanitization in an UDDT system?
  • Can biochar increase the efficiency of nutrient reuse from human urine?
  • What is the effect of terra preta nova on the parameters of soil quality and crop yield/growth?

  Funding Source: Nuffic fellowship

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A concept for a sanitation chain of UDDT and the semi centralised production of Terra Preta Nadejda Andreev, Maria Garcia Alvarez, Claudia Wendland, Friedemann Klimek, Mariska Ronteltap, Piet Lens 4th International Dry Toilet Conference, 22-25 August, 2012.

Other information

Nadejda Andreejv was awarded with a Doctoral degree on 29 september 2017.