Natalia Reyes Tejada

PhD candidate


Natalia Reyes Tejada is a Ph.D. researcher in the Department of Water Governance. Her research interest resides in exploring urban – rural interlinkages through land and water governance, and gender relations. Her Ph.D. project looks critically at Maputo’s urban development and urban water management through the lens of urban agriculture. Currently, she is the chair of the Ph.D. Association board at IHE. Before moving to Delft, she worked in a variety of technical projects on food and water security, peri-urban agriculture and gender, and water governance in Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, and Mozambique. She also holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Governance from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Recently she worked as a consultant for UN-FAO in Mozambique carrying out on-field data collection to understand how women benefit from cash transfers for family agriculture in the Nacala Corridor. Similar to her work for GIZ in Bolivia where, besides data collection, she developed knowledge management strategies and implemented a gender approach for the San Jacinto irrigation system. As a trainee at UNESCO’s regional office in Montevideo, she assisted the Intergovernmental Hydrology Programme with project management and liaison activities, while supporting the coordination of the scientific events and publications by the member countries, institutions and water chairs. She was also involved in teaching and research activities with Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique), Universidad Catolica San Pablo (Bolivia), University of Freiburg (Germany) and Universidad Catolica de Cordoba (Argentina)


  • Reyes Tejada, N. (2015). A little place out there for us to fit in: The case of Piedra Blanca (Cordoba, AR) under the perspective of the New Rurality. Master thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Environmental Governance. Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg. Germany.
  • Nutsuakor, E. and Reyes Tejada, N. (2014). From wildlife conservation to REDD+: The Role of the CREMA Concept in Ghana. In: Klein, Klein and Fehrmann (2014). The Ecological and Economic Challenges of Managing Forested Landscapes in a Global Context: Proceedings of the 4th International DAAD Workshop. ISBN-13 9783954047055, Cuvillier Verlag. Goettingen, Germany.
  • De la Vega, C., Villegas Guzman, S., Reyes Tejada, N. and Vera, F. (2012). El deseo de un paraiso: entre la vigencia y la suspension de la ley. El relato empresarial y estatal en Catamarca, Cordoba y La Rioja. In: Ciuffolini, M. et al. (ed) (2012). Por el oro y por el moro: explotacion minera y resistencias en Catamarca, Cordoba y La Rioja. ISBN 78-987-1497-53-9, Ed. El Colectivo. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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