Natalia Reyes Tejada

PhD fellow


Natalia Reyes Tejada is a PhD Fellow in the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance at the Institute for Water Education - IHE Delft. Her research is part of the Sustainable Freshwater Supply for Urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique Project. In that framework, her project looks at the use of water in Maputo´s peri-urban agriculture. She aims to understand the particular relation between changes in water’s quantity and quality and smallholder horticultural production in Infulene Valley. Concern about the effects of these changes on the lives and livelihoods of Infulene’s farmers, particularly on female farmers, form the direct motivation for this research.

Previously, she worked as a consultant for international cooperation agencies and organisms in a variety of technical projects on food and water security, peri-urban agriculture and water governance in Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. She holds an Msc in Environmental Governance by the University of Freiburg, Germany. In her dissertation, she studied a community chickens´ production cooperative in Piedra Blanca, Cordoba, Argentina. Using the theory of the new rurality she explored the shift in the production structure of this peri-urban site from the traditional clay brick production towards a self-managed and cooperative healthy food production.

Before that, she obtained her Bachelor degree in Political Science by the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba (UCC), Argentina. During those years, she joined the research team "El Llano en Llamas" (UCC- UNC) studying socio-environmental conflicts and territorial struggles. Consequently, she is co-author of the book on social mobilizations around open-pit mining: “Por el oro y por el moro: explotacion minera y resistencias en Catamarca, Cordoba y La Rioja”.


  • Reyes Tejada, N. (2015). A little place out there for us to fit in: The case of Piedra Blanca (Cordoba, AR) under the perspective of the New Rurality. Master thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Environmental Governance. Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg. Germany.
  • Nutsuakor, E. and Reyes Tejada, N. (2014). From wildlife conservation to REDD+: The Role of the CREMA Concept in Ghana. In: Klein, Klein and Fehrmann (2014). The Ecological and Economic Challenges of Managing Forested Landscapes in a Global Context: Proceedings of the 4th International DAAD Workshop. ISBN-13 9783954047055, Cuvillier Verlag. Goettingen, Germany.
  • De la Vega, C., Villegas Guzman, S., Reyes Tejada, N. and Vera, F. (2012). El deseo de un paraiso: entre la vigencia y la suspension de la ley. El relato empresarial y estatal en Catamarca, Cordoba y La Rioja. In: Ciuffolini, M. et al. (ed) (2012). Por el oro y por el moro: explotacion minera y resistencias en Catamarca, Cordoba y La Rioja. ISBN 78-987-1497-53-9, Ed. El Colectivo. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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