Neiler Medina Peña

PhD fellow


Mr. Neiler Medina Pena graduated on 21 June 2021. Find the link to his thesis here.

My name is Neiler Medina. I am originally from Medellin Colombia and currently I live in Delft The Netherlands where I am enrolled as a full time PhD fellow for the PEARL project, at the department of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology (EEWT) at IHE Delft. PEARL is about preparing for extreme and rare hydro meteorological events in Europe.

From the educational point of view I graduated as a Sanitary Engineer in the year 2005 in Colombia, after that I did 1.5 years specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) also in my home country later in the year 2010 i moved to the Netherlands to persue my Master degree at IHE Delft, I graduated in the year 2012 with distinction from the master in Water Science and Engineering with specialization in Hydroinformatics: focusing  in the optimal design of sewer networks under urbanization and land use change.

As a professional , I started as a project Engineer in the Centre for environmental  research in the University of Antioquia in Medellin -Colombia.  After that, I moved  to the private sector  as a cofounder of a small company  in the water and sanitation sector also in Colombia. Here I deal with the design and construction of water distribution systems, sewer network systems and GIS implementation in water utility companies.

Within the PEARL project,  I will focus my research  in  the component of crowd modeling during extreme events  and to develop  some mobile application to be used during floods for Authorities  and for  the people to reduce exposure to floods and therefore reducing risk to people. The title of my research is "Agent Based Modelling for Evacuation StrategiesUnder Extreme Hydro-Meteorological Events in Coastal Areas".


Agent Based Models for Evacuation Strategies under Extreme Hydro-Meteorological Events in Coastal Areas


Conference papers

- Medina, N., Sanchez, A., Vojinovic, Z., 2015. Automated runoff coefficient computation in urban drainage systems using Google satellite images and fuzzy classification. Presented at the IAHR World Congress, The Hague, The Netherlands.

- Sanchez, A., Vojinovic, Z., Medina, N., Mynett, A., 2015. Assessing the implications for urban drainage infrastructure of future scenarios of urban growth with cellular automata. Presented at the IAHR World Congress, The Hague, The Netherlands.

- Abbott, M., Makropoulos, C., Vojinovic, Z., Nikolic, I., Sanchez-Torres, A., Abebe, Y., Manojlovic, N., Pelling, M., Medina, N., 2014. Holistic Flood Risk Assessment In Coastal Areas-The PEARL Approach. Presented at the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, New York City, USA

- Medina, N., Sanchez, A., Vojinovic, Z., 2012. Automatic Runoff Coefficient Estimation for Urban Drainage Modeling Using Google Maps Information and Fuzzy Classification. Presented at the International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs) 2012, Leipzig, Germany.

- Sanchez, A., Barreto, W., Medina, N., Vojinovic, Z., 2012. Modeling Urban Growth and Land Use Change with Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithms. Presented at the . International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs) 2012, Leipzig, Germany.

Journal papers

- Sanchez, A., Medina, N., Vojinovic, Z., Price, R., 2014. An integrated cellular automata evolutionary-based approach for evaluating future scenarios and the expansion of urban drainage networks. J. Hydroinformatics 16, 319. doi:10.2166/hydro.2013.302

- Vojinovic, Z., Hammond, M., Golub, D., Hirunsalee, S., Weesakul, S., Meesuk, V., Medina, N., Sanchez, A., Kumura, S., Abbott, M.B., 2015. Holistic approach to flood risk assessment in areas with cultural heritage: a practical application in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Nat. Hazards (In Press).


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