Abu Dhabi, 11 Oct 2019

Abu Dhabi Call for Global Species Conservation Action

Leading biodiversity experts have launched an urgent Call for Action on species conservation following intensive discussions at the 4th IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Leaders’ meeting in Abu Dhabi last week.

The meeting saw 300 conservation experts, representing a network of 9000 volunteers worldwide, come together to identify pathways to meet 2030 SDG (UN Sustainable Development Goals) targets on biodiversity. IHE Delft’s John Simaika represented the IUNC/SSC Freshwater Conservation Committee, which contributed to the development of the new Aichi Biodiversity Targets for 2030.

The Call for Global Species Conservation Action appeals to the world’s governments, international agencies and the private sector to halt species decline and prevent human-driven extinctions by 2030, and to improve the conservation status of threatened species with a view to bringing about widespread recovery by 2050.

The IUCN Species Survival Commission is the world’s largest network of species conservation experts, and is mandated by Members of the IUCN (governments, NGOs, and indigenous peoples’ organisations) to conserve species. You can read more about the Call here.


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