IHE Delft, the Netherlands, 02 Feb 2022

Addressing coastal hazards focus of new Erasmus Mundus master’s programme

A new master’s programme that focuses on adaptation to coastal hazards, risks and climate change impacts is now open for applications – European Union-sponsored scholarships are available to top students who want to learn how to safeguard society against coastal hazards.

The Coastal Hazards, Risks, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Erasmus Mundus Master’s (COASTHazar) Master’s prepares students for professional careers in which they help societies address and adapt to coastal hazards and associated risks. IHE Delft coordinates the programme in cooperation with University of Algarve, Portugal, and Universidad de Cantabria, Spain. The programme includes studies at each of the three institutions.

The programme seeks to help meet the world’s needs for qualified expertise on coastal engineering and management, set to increase with climate change. The programme graduates will be well into their careers in 2040-2050, when the harm to coastal areas caused by climate-change induced sea-level rise is expected to start having its highest impact.  

The highly trained COASTHazar graduates are expected to have the skills needed to design and implement climate change adaptation measures in vulnerable areas.

Applications for students who seek to be financed by Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are due 31 March 2022. Applications for those who intend to finance their studies themselves are due 15 May. Early applications are encouraged.

More information about the programme and how to apply is available at: www.coasthazar.eu

IHE Delft also coordinates three other Erasmus Mundus programmes: The International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE), Groundwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptation (GroundwatCh) and the International Master’s Programme in Flood Risk Management.


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