Amsterdam, 20 Jun 2013

Agreement with UvA to Strengthen Water Governance Education and Research

The University of Amsterdam, Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies and UNESCO-IHE recently signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation between the two parties. For UNESCO-IHE this cooperation represents a unique opportunity to cooperate with one of the strongest social science faculties in Europe, greatly strengthening the water governance-oriented educational and research activities at the Institute. On June 5th, representatives of UNESCO-IHE and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) met to present the initial activities which will be part of this increased cooperation.

PhD Research

A main pillar of the UvA-UNESCO-IHE cooperation is the PhD research involving staff of both UvA and UNESCO-IHE and carried out under the supervision of Prof. Joyeeta Gupta. Currently, the PhD research of Monica Sanz (micro and small industries and water pollution in Colombia), Raquel dos Santos (pro-poor water and sanitation services in Sao Paulo, Brazil), Pedi Obani (human right to sanitation) falls under this arrangement. 

Staff Exchange

The two organizations will also engage in a staff exchange involving three members of the UvA (Michaela Hordijk, Nicky Pouw and Hebe Verrest) and three members of UNESCO-IHE (Michelle Kooy, Maria Rusca and Klaas Schwartz). The first activities emanating from this staff exchange include a joint 18-month research project on informal water service provisioning in Maputo, Mozambique and Lilongwe, Malawi and the joint-supervision of MSc researchers. 

Video Interview

See the interview on the right with Joyeeta Gupta, Professor of Environment and Development in the Global South at the University of Amsterdam, and Professor of Law and Policy in Water Resources and Environment at UNESCO-IHE. 


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