Delft, 17 May 2021

Alumni best practices – Launch: Alumni Profiles India ebook

The alumni of India are busy strengthening their community and increasing the knowledge exchange and collaboration among their members and IHE Delft. In 2019 three alumni, Ms. Sonal Pareek Kaushik, Mr. Santhosh Garakahalli and Mr. Sachin Tiwale, were appointed as alumni coordinators, to facilitate those goals. They have been very active in supporting IHE Delft, organizing alumni events and keeping the group alive and informed through the WhatsApp group created for that purpose. Their first two year period has been crowned with a great achievement and best practice, the first “IHE Delft alumni of India profiles ebook”.

The coordinators proposed the idea and then started to contact and motivate all Indian alumni to take part in the project. The IHE Delft Alumni community in India has more than 500 graduates and around 700 certificate course holders, who studied at the Institute from 1957 until 2021. In the first edition of the ebook there are 211 alumni profiles, spread over batches from 1970 till 2020. The ebook is being shared among the Indian alumni community and IHE staff members. It consists of profiles of only those who have registered and provided approval for their information to be included in the ebook. More profiles will be included in the future editions, for which all Indian alumni are encouraged to contact alumni colleagues who may be disconnected from the network and invite them to contact the Alumni Coordinators and Maria Laura Sorrentino, Alumni Relations Officer. 

The ebook is an excellent tool that will help to continue strengthening the alumni community and the interaction among them and their alma mater, IHE Delft.

Our sincere gratitude to the Alumni Coordinators and all the alumni who enthusiastically participated and helped them in building the ebook.

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