Delft, The Netherlands, 15 Sep 2016

Alumnus Professor Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla from Sudan wins the UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award 2016

Alumnus Prof. Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla from Sudan is the winner of the UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award 2016. He will receive the Alumni Award on 20 October 2016, during the Opening of the Academic Year and Alumni Day ceremony at UNESCO-IHE.

The award is given annually to an alumnus/alumna who has proven to be a role model for other water professionals, by demonstrating their outstanding contribution to water management practices.

This year the Jury also announced the names of the two shortlisted finalist alumni, Professor Alvaro Carmo Vaz from Mozambique and Professor Emeritus David Basco from USA. 

Prof. Seifedin is Chairman of the Water Resources Technical Organ (WRTO) and the former Minister of Water Resources of Sudan. He graduated from the Institute in 1983 after completing the Hydraulic Engineering programme and since then he has had a remarkable career. The award winner was nominated by the UNESCO-IHE Sudan Alumni Committee, which summarised the impact of his work and the contribution it has made to society.

Transboundary water management

Prof. Seifeldin made a major contribution to initiating and preparing agreements that have enhanced cooperation among the Nile (and  IGAD) countries, preventing conflicts and/or reducing tension and hence improving the future economic and political collaboration between millions of people  in that region. His greatest successes were  "The Declaration of Principles on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)”  between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, signed by the Heads of States in Khartoum on 23rd of March 2015. Secondly, the “Nov. 5th 2012, Addis  Agreement” signed between the same three countries led to the unfreezing of Sudan activities and resumption of full  participation in the Nile Basin Initiative. Thirdly the “IGAD  Water Resources Policy of 2015” signed by the eight countries of IGAD paved the way for future cooperation and enhanced peace and security in the IGAD region;  Fourthly “The Transboundary Arab Water Agreement”, among other initiatives.

Water engineer at the Ministry of Water resources Sudan

Since joining the Ministry in 1979, where he still works, Prof. Seifeldin has served in several departments, and achieved distinguished  successes, as an engineer, researcher, manager, and as a minister of Sudan Ministry  of Water Resources. This covers different fields of: Construction works, operation of dams, Nile water  resources, irrigation  systems,  hydraulics  research,  etc. He represented Sudan on transboundary water issues for many years, where he could positively strengthen cooperation not only with Sudan, but also among other countries as well. This includes: Nile Basin, IGAD, Arab League, GERD, PJTC, ESTAC, Nubian Aquifer, UNESCO, World Bank, among others. A special contribution he made for his  country Sudan, was the  preparation of  the Nile Water Use Strategy for the  future 25  and 50 years,  and  the  Water Policy of  Sudan,  2007. He also  participated  in  the preparation of the Nile Basin Strategy for the year 2050.

Contribution to society

Prof. Seifeldin has also been a very active member in the NGO  arena: Chair of the Sudan “International Hydrological  Program (IHP)”, and “Global Water Partnership (GWP)”, who made a genuine contribution to improving water management and raising awareness in Sudan. He is also a member of the Board of the Sudan Engineers Union, Sudan Engineering  Council and Chair of the Arab Water Committee.

Teaching and Training

Prof. Seif, acts as a Professor in a number of Sudanese universities, e.g., University of Khartoum, University of Sudan, and University of Gezira, where he has taught and supervised many BSc, MSC, and PhD programmes. 

Awarding ceremony

Prof. Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla will receive the UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award on 20 October 2016, during the Opening of the Academic Year and Alumni Day ceremony at UNESCO-IHE in Delft, the Netherlands.

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