Delft, The Netherlands, 28 Feb 2014

AXA funds Chair in Climate Change Impacts and Coastal Risks

A new chair in Climate Change Impacts and Coastal Risks has been established at UNESCO-IHE since 1st January 2014 following a successful proposal by Dr. Rosh Ranasinghe, Professor of Climate Change Impacts and Coastal Risk, to the AXA Research Fund.

New methods for coastal risk assessment

“The AXA research fund is one of the world's very few schemes that provides support for fundamental scientific research geared towards risk mitigation. My main research interest is in the area of climate change and coastal risk, which aligns perfectly with the environmental risks core research areas that the Fund supports,” Dr. Ranasinghe explains. The chair will generate new fundamental scientific knowledge and formulate groundbreaking theoretical and modelling concepts, which will enable the development of innovative climate change driven coastal risk assessment methods that are underpinned by sound science.


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