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Business Partnership Facility - Enterprises for SDGs

The BPF is initiated and financed by the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGD) to stimulate private sector involvement in achieving the SDGs in developing countries.

What is it about?

The BPF provides a non-refundable grant between €50,000 and €200,000 that represents maximum 50% of the total investment.

Check the BPF website for more information and examples of supported projects.

We are looking for viable, entrepreneurial business initiatives with a strong social impact.

Social impact, contributing to SDGs. For example:

1. Creation and maintenance of decent jobs

2. Improvement in average income for low income families

3. Accessibility to affordable goods and services

4. Inclusion and economic development of women and young people

5. Positive impact on the environment through saving resources, reducing emissions and/or preserving biodiversity

6. Economic viability:

7. Partnerships must clearly demonstrate the submitted initiatives are:

8. Able to become self-sustainable

9. Scalable

10. Replicable

Who is it for?

Each applicant is preferably a partnership that brings together actors from the private sector, civil society, academia and/or the public sector. The partnership consists of a minimum of one business partner.

Projects must take place in one of the 52 developing countries 
on this list but partners can be Belgian, European or international legal entities, under public or private law.

The project must be part of the ‘core business’ of the lead company involved.

Selection criteria

How to submit an application form online? View video
Download the annex(es) that have to be completed for your application form
Table partners
If you are not very familiar with computers: 02-500 4 555 or 
The King Baudouin Foundation of course complies with privacy legislation in this area.
Finally, visit the grant's main website here.

Additional information

Start 19/03/2021
Submit until 7/09/2021
Announcement of selection 5/12/2021
Financial support
up to € 200.000
For general information:
Contact Center
+32-2-500 4 555
For specific details
Elke Briers: 
+32-2-549 03 78
Additional information
Supported projects and individuals
12 supported projects in 2020
17 supported projects in 2019
Webinar BPF April 30, 2021


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