Online, 15 Apr 2020

Capacity Development Symposium - registration now free!

Following our decision, in these unprecedented times, to move the forthcoming Capacity Development Symposium online, we’re delighted to announce that we have now also taken the decision to waive the formal registration fee for the event. Our goal at this time is to provide a dedicated space where the water capacity implementation community can formally and informally meet, exchange ideas and discuss the issues that we’re facing today.

What can you expect from the move online?

In recent weeks we’ve been working behind-the-scenes to respond to input from our partners, Track Leads and contributors. We’ve scaled down the ‘live’ content, will provide a platform where content can be accessed and discussed at any time. We are also rescheduling to cater for different time zones. You can see the draft programme here - to be confirmed.

Expert network

Over a five-week period from mid-April to the end of May, you can join up to 500 researchers, policy makers, water executives, specialist water networks and water financing organizations. We’ll be able to meet and access each others’ expertise, the platform providing 24/7 opportunities to access specialist content, provide or solicit feedback, and to organise small video discussions or larger chat groups.

Live event

During the event itself, at the end of May, we’ll see our invited keynotes deliver inspiring perspectives on the challenges - old and new - that we face across the water sector, and get the opportunity to ask questions during live Q&A. Meanwhile our planned Tracks, on topics ranging from complexity, uncertainty, conflict and negotiation, to knowledge-sharing, education and ICT, will work in small groups, both live and offline, to develop ideas and propose recommendations for the future.


All participants will have an opportunity to contribute to the process of providing recommendations on the future agenda for water capacity implementation. We also understand that our own agendas are changing day to day. To help here, the platform will help you to organise and promote dedicated discussions of your own. For example, you can:

  • Schedule presentations to solicit feedback (by chat or small discussion groups) from an expert audience
  • Use the symposium social media (#CapDevSymp) to promote your event to other participants
  • Explore the user figures for any sessions or content you host

Register and contribute

Participation will be restricted to the first 500 to register for the conference, so you’ll need to move fast. If you would like to make a contribution to the symposium, you can do so during the registration process. You can register for free - or register and make a contribution here.


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