Delft, 18 Sep 2013

CoCooN-CCMCC research proposal 'Investing in land and water' has been approved

A research consortium led by UNESCO-IHE has been awarded funding for the implementation of its research proposal within the CoCooN programme. The research project entitled 'Investing in land and water: turning new climate finance mechanisms into tools for cooperation' will be led by Prof. Charlotte de Fraiture.

Research goals

One of the main objectives of this research project will be analyzing positive and negative impacts of climate finance mechanisms on conflict and cooperation. Furthermore, it will assess the dynamics and causes of these conflicts and cooperation. In addition, the research will provide policy recommendations for more sustainable and collaborative outcomes. And finally, it will apply lessons in the design of new climate finance mechanisms.

CoCooN programme 

In total, the CoCooN programme consists of six research projects, with a maximum duration of five years, focused on conflict and cooperation in the management of climate change in countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. These projects should all contribute to insights into what can be done to increase the chance that climate policies and climate change financing actively promote collaborative outcomes.  


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