Delft, 06 Feb 2013

Collin Calvin Mabiza Awarded with Doctoral Degree

On 6 February 2013, Mr. Collin Calvin Mabiza successfully presented and defended his PhD thesis and was awarded with a Doctoral degree. Professor Pieter van der Zaag was his promoter. The PhD research focused on integrated water resources management, institutions and livelihoods under stress in Zimbabwe.

The majority of people in Limpopo river basin depend on rainfed agriculture. Unfortunately the Limpopo is water scarce, and parts of the basin, such as Zimbabwe's Mzingwane catchment, are under stress in terms of agro-ecological and socio-political economic conditions.

For his study Mr. Mabiza's used a bottom-up approach to analyse water management practices and livelihoods in the river basin. The objective of the study was to understand practices in water resources management at the local level, and what drives those practices.

Specifically the study analyzed practices in access to water for domestic and productive uses, efforts at sustaining livelihoods and the environment, water management for agriculture, contestations over urban water services, and river basin planning.


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