Coronavirus and our commitment to project partners and stakeholders

IHE Delft prioritzes the safety and health of IHE Delft’s students, staff members, beneficiaries, suppliers and clients as our highest priority. At the same time, IHE Delft is doing everything within its power under the current circumstances, in order to meet its contractual obligations, with due regard to the limitations as a result of the measures taken.

In cases where a serious deviation from the original planning of activities is anticipated, (e.g. as a result of reduced availability of employees, facilities or any other resources, impossibility to travel in the coming weeks, or any other restrictions imposed by the Dutch and other governments), IHE Delft will provide notice to Donors, beneficiaries and project partners as soon as possible. In any case IHE Delft will keep in constant communication with Donors, beneficiaries and partners in order to highlight any change in existing situations to agreed contingency measures and any possible change needed.

The Rectorate and staff of IHE Delft would like to offer their best wishes to all their partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries during this very difficult time and we look forward to resuming business as usual once the crisis is over.


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