Delft, The Netherlands, 23 Nov 2021

Coronavirus measures at IHE Delft

IHE Delft follows the advice by Dutch authorities on measures to contain the Coronavirus in The Netherlands through measures that include the following.

Work & study at IHE Delft

All IHE Delft staff and students not involved in educational activities are requested to work from home whenever possible without disrupting key business processes.

IHE Delft remains open for all education-related activities. These include face-to-face education, self-study, group work, meeting with mentors, exams, graduations. The maximum group size for educational activities is 75 people per room (excluding staff). This does not apply to exams.

In-person work-related meetings are only allowed if they cannot be held online and have been approved by the manager in charge. Activities such as social events and indoor sports are no longer allowed on IHE Delft premises.


Visitors must be pre-registered. We urge everyone to take a self-test before coming to the building, also when fully vaccinated.

Face masks must be worn on IHE Delft premises, and can be removed only when seated. The reception desk sells face masks.

We advise all those in the building to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to each other, in accordance with the cabinet's regulations for locations where no corona pass has to be shown.

Events, visits and meetings

Proposed visits and meetings will, whenever possible, be replaced with videoconferencing, online seminars or other methods, or  postponed or  cancelled.

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