Delft, The Netherlands, 11 Jun 2021

Coronavirus measures at IHE Delft

This information page is kept updated with the latest information and insights. Following the advice by Dutch authorities on measures to contain the Coronavirus in The Netherlands, we hereby share how IHE Delft is dealing with the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Work & study at IHE Delft

All IHE Delft staff and students are requested to work from home whenever possible without disrupting key business processes.

IHE Delft management, in consultation with a task group, has drawn up a protocol regarding the safe re-entry of a selected number of staff, students and PhD fellows only, namely those whose activities cannot be done online. A summary of the main points can be found in FAQs.


Because we must apply the 1.5 metres distance we have set the limit on a maximum occupancy in the building of 150 people, at the same time. This means we can welcome approximately 75 students for face to face education spread out over each day. Those that are allowed in the building, have to be preregistered on an attendance list. For more information you can contact the reception desk.


In addition to delivering face to face education for the guidance of vulnerable students, practical education and examination exceptions, as of April 26th every student will be offered the opportunity to have face to face education once a week. As part of this transition preventive self-tests will be made available for both students and employees.  Self-testing in higher education forms part of a broader introduction of self -tests in the Netherlands, as an instrument to fight the Corona virus. The condition of the 1,5 m distancing remains.

Events, visits and meetings

All gatherings organized at, or by IHE Delft are cancelled, postponed, or will be held online. We ask that proposed visits and meetings be replaced with videoconferencing, online seminars or through other methods, or otherwise be cancelled or postponed. Please discuss these alternatives with your IHE Delft contact person.

We count on your patience and understanding as we update the events on our website with the latest information.

Hygiene measures

We strongly encourage staff, PhD fellows and students to take recommended hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  1. Frequently wash your hands
  2. Cough & sneeze in your elbow
  3. Maintain 1.5 m distance from others
  4. Wear a mouth mask in areas where this is mandatory
  5. Feeling sick? Stay at home and arrange a test (, no cost!

Within the IHE building there are disinfection materials available in general areas.We hope that all friends and supporters of IHE Delft and their families stay in good health and we look forward welcoming some of you to the Institute in the future, when the Coronavirus crisis is over.

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