Kunshan, China, 01 Aug 2019

Creating impact on the ground: Summer Course on Sponge Cities in Kunshan, China, builds a legacy

For the second year, the summer course on Sponge Cities/Sustainable Water Management has been held in the city of Kunshan, China. Kunshan, a county-level city in the Jiangsu Province, is one the fastest growing, medium-sized cities in China. It is also considered as a national model for Sponge City planning.

Despite its vanguard position, Kunshan is still facing many challenges to transform itself into a Sponge City. In the summer course, 22 students from various Chinese universities worked in teams to provide concrete designs, concepts and innovative ideas on how to achieve this. The summer course was organised by Professor Dafang Fu, Southeast University, in collaboration with IHE Delft. Besides supervising teams, the contribution of IHE Delft consisted of introducing international examples and best practices to the students. Similar to the previous year, at the end of the six day course, the results were handed over to the City Government of Kunshan (KNSD). 

One of the designs of the summer course of the previous year has been implemented already (see cover photo of this newsitem), which illustrates the capacity and potential of Chinese cities to rapidly plan, finance, and implement Sponge Cities projects. 

Sponge city project Kunshan situation before construction (taken in July 2018).


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