Current cooperation in Dominican Republic extended

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and the Universidad Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) met the Minister of Education and the Deputy Minister of Sciences. They discussed current projects being undertaken collaboratively, as well as the cooperation of the Dominican Republic with international organisations such as IHE Delft. Two research project proposals were signed.

The FONDOCYT (science funding agency from the Ministry) currently supports projects in the areas of flood forecasting and water resources. The Minister and her Deputy expressed the the government's interest to work on water issues. They highlighted that the President has mentioned that his current governmental period will focus on water. 

Silvio Carrasco and Fidel Perez of PUCMM and Gerald Corzo of IHE Delft presented the projects that were approved, and discussed their ideas on new research projects. The projects approved will develop innovative ways of flow forecasting using artificial intelligence and the analysis of drought and high flow patterns in climate change scenarios. 

A groundwater monitoring and modelling project proposal was prepared by Tibor Stigter, IHE Delft's Senior Lecturer in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources. This project will be combined with the analysis of groundwater and agriculture interaction proposed by the Cristopher Neale from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

With support from IHE Delft, a new Laboratory of Hydroinformatics is being developed at the PUCMM.


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