Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, 29 Aug 2013

The Daily Herald in St. Maarten publishes news article about Group work UNESCO-IHE students

The Daily Herald in St. Maarten published a news article about the group work that has been executed by students following the MSc Programme Urban Water and Sanitation. This group work assignment has been described by UNESCO-IHE in cooperation with the Ministry of VROMI of St. Maarten. Therefore, the projects involved were focused on the situation in St. Maarten in terms of storm water, drinking water, sewerage and solid waste.

Group Work

Students were divided into four groups of each 10 students. Within three weeks, each group had to deliver a strategic plan for the water and sanitation sector on St. Maarten. In this plan students had to integrate 10 projects that have been described by UNESCO-IHE, in cooperation with VROMI St. Maarten. Eventually, the students had to present their report as consultants trying to get the assignment to solve the problems. 


The panel that had the task the decide which group had the best report consisted of Chairman Jan Herman Koster of UNESCO-IHE, Paul Buijs of Berson UV, Michael Bentvelsen of the Association of Regional Water Authorities and Johan van Teefelen of VROMI. After reviewing all reports, the panel decided to award 'Team Innotech' as the winner. The price was a plaque on which the names of the team members were engraved. 



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