Tampa, Florida, USA, 06 Jun 2019

Dano Roelvink receives Coastal Award

The Coastal Award is handed out every two years, during the alternating Coastal Dynamics and Coastal Sediments conferences in recognition of a lifetime of achievements in the field. Based on the free votes from a long list of distinguished coastal scientists, Dano Roelvink, Professor of Coastal Engineering and Port Development at IHE Delft was elected as this year's Coastal Award recipient.

Dano Roelvink receives the award for his relentless efforts to develop, publish and promote the use of open-source models for coastal hydrodynamics and morphology, several of which have become worldwide standards.

Professor Roelvink about receving this award: "It is an immense pleasure to have been voted to get this award from a very open and collaborative community of coastal scientists and engineers, many of whom I have known and worked with for years. It encourages me to continue working towards developing models that are well grounded in physics yet relatively easy to apply to pressing problems along coastlines worldwide".

The awarding ceremony was led by Prof. Hans Hanson of Lund University in Sweden.


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