Delft, The Netherlands, 09 Sep 2019

Dr Yasir Mohamed (alumnus and staff member) appointed as Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources in the Republic of Sudan

On 5 September 2019 Dr Yasir A. Mohamed was appointed Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources for Sudan as well as member of the 2019–2022 Transitional Cabinet.

Before his appointment, Dr Mohamed was Professor and Director General of the Hydraulics Research Centre in Sudan as well as Associate Professor of water resources management at IHE Delft, The Netherlands, where he has worked half-time since 2006. He obtained his BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Khartoum, his MSc in Hydraulic Engineering from IHE Delft, and earned his PhD from Delft University of Technology and IHE Delft on a study of the Sudd wetland in the Nile. Dr Mohamed has extensive professional experience in water management and has made significant contributions to water management in Sudan and the region.

IHE Delft staff and students wish Dr Mohamed well in his new position.


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