Drones in Hydraulic Engineering and Hydro-Environmental Studies

In recent years several rapid development in technology and in the public perception on drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems or UAV/UAS) have changed the landscape of mapping, monitoring, and understanding the aquatic environment. As a consequence now it is possible to map and monitor, at the same spatio-temporal scale, the processes that we want to understand from an aerial perspective.

IHE Delft has a more than 5 year experience in the use of drones for various applications in the hydro-environmental application and IAHR is the leading professional association in this sector.

This Special Issue of the IAHR magazine Hydrolink showcases the application of drones in a variety of case studies. Linked to this is the imminent creation of a Working Group on the use of drones in hydro-environment research, under the auspices of IAHR and IHE Delft.

If you are interested in knowing more or in taking part in the working group, please contact Dr Paolo Paron at p.paron@un-ihe.org



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