DUPC2 Annual Report 2018 approved

DUPC2 Annual Report 2018 has been approved by the programme's donor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has also been shared to all the Dutch embassies.

You can find the third annual report of the programmatic cooperation of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs with IHE Delft (DUPC2, 29 million Euro for 5 years, 2016-2021) on the right. The program is progressing well. In April 2019 the programme got a budget neutral extension till December 2021.

The programmes is addressing four main theme:

  • Efficient water management, particularly in the agricultural sector,
  • Improved catchment area management and safe deltas,
  • Access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation, and
  • Water diplomacy.

The report includes separate chapters on each theme.

At the end of 2018, the program consisted of 78 activities contributing to water and development challenges in around 30 developing and transition countries. The activities are mainly concentrated around:

  • The Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, and Westbank Aquifer and Jordan River Basin)
  • The Nile river basin, including the Eastern Nile,
  • Mozambique, and the Zambezi River Basin,
  • The Asian deltas, including the Mekong delta, Ganges-Bramaputra delta, Irawaddy delta and Ciliwung delta and
  • Colombia, and the Magdelena River Basin.

See page V for a map with the activities.

The DUPC2 activities are jointly implemented with 152 partners of which 106 are from 30 different low and middle income countries. The majority are knowledge institutions, but there is also substantial involvement of civil society, government and private sector partners. With around 60 of these partners IHE Delft collaborates already over a longer time period. See also annex 3 with a complete overview of the partners per country.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact DUPC at .


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