DUPC2 opportunities: societal impact and communication

Under DUPC2 there are currently two opportunities for funding available. The first funding opportunity is to support MSc students with their research within the topic of societal impact and is open to all receiving funding from DUPC2. The second funding opportunity is for DUPC2 partners from the Global South only. Partners can apply for funding to attend the summer course at IHE Delft on 'Visual methods for water communication'. You can read more about those two opportunities below.

Societal Impact

For DUPC2 contributing to making tangible positive impacts on development challenges is a major objective. We however also acknowledge that working towards impact is not straightforward. Therefore, we see a need to further analyse, pilot, reflect and discuss on questions like how do we define impact, how can we create impact, and what is the impact of projects actually as many factors, events and processes shape developments simultaneously. Obviously, such insights would be very relevant beyond the programme.

DUPC2 came up with the idea of offering MSc students the possibility to study such questions as part of their MSc research. DUPC has funds to support the research costs of a number of students.

This idea for an MSc subject has been shared within IHE Delft, but we  hope that this subject will also be attractive for students and staff from other DUPC2 partner institutes. We are sharing this opportunity to see if there is interest in reflecting on the impact (and approaches towards impact) of DUPC2 projects and study this in the context of this MSc subject with joint mentoring/supervision.  

Here you find the draft MSc subject which is developed focussing on the MSc students of IHE Delft. As DUPC2 we also want to share this opportunity to our partners. It is possible to have your project as a case for IHE and non-IHE MSc student. Please let us know if you are interested and if you already have some ideas on how we could shape this topic within your project/institute.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Funding for DUPC2 partners to participate in the summer course on communication

Having a strong communication skill set plays a crucial role in effectively conveying a message to people, whether they be the general public, policy makers, or other academics. To further contribute to building and strengthening the capacity of our partners in the Global South, DUPC2 has funds for 4-5 project partners from the global South to participate in the summer course on communication “Visual Methods for Water Communication”. The course will from Monday July 29 to Friday August 2.

Partners interested within a DUPC2 project can submit a short motivation letter (max 2 pages) to and . The letter should present how the skills acquired during the summer course (basic skills on storytelling, shooting and editing video, data visualisation and aerial images with drones) will be used to produce a video to communicate the results of the DUPC2 project that they are involved in. Deadline for submitting the motivation letter is 30 April 2019.


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