DUPC2: What’s going on in July 2020

Find below an overview of the programme's current activities.

Response to COVID-19

The novel corona virus has had an immense impact on the world and its contagion mitigation efforts already have consequences on the implementation of running projects. Lockdown measures has meant that project teams have to resort to other means of communication, namely online. The programme has maintained close contact with running project teams and encouraged teams and individuals to be creative and seek and explore options for distance collaboration and education to reduce impact on project as much as possible.

To support this the DUPC2 eLearning Knowledge Platform for Partners was created, on which we together with Hans van der Kwast, the DUPC2 partner education coordinator, share information on distance communication and teaching. Additionally, free webinars on these topics have been organized and can be re-watched on the platform.

Partnership survey

In February 2020 DUPC2 set out a partnership survey to gain better understanding of the partnerships in DUPC2 supported projects. In total 43 partners responded to the survey and the results will help better tailor the DUPC2 programme, and the projects supported, towards societal impact. The results also feed into an anticipated new phase of the programme in the future.

You can find the results of the survey here.

6th International Capacity Development Symposium

Together with Cap-Net and Global Water Partnership the programme organized track 6 on “Accelerating knowledge sharing among organizations and civil society” at the 6th International Capacity Development Symposium, which took place online.

The track comprised of three synchronous sessions covering three different topics: “Collaboration in partnerships”, “Methods for knowledge sharing and learning” and “Reaching & engaging local communities”. Based on the presentation and discussions, recommendations were formed which feed into the 2020 Delft Agenda for Action. You can find the presentations, abstracts and draft recommendations on the Symposium platform.

Early-career Call and Outreach Call 2020

The programme has received proposals for both the Early-career research Call and the Outreach 2020 and have read all with great interest.

The Early-career research call was aimed at supporting researchers from DUPC2 partner institutes and IHE Delft at the start of their academic career by providing funding to conduct research to ultimately strengthen their career and network. Unfortunately, no proposals have been selected for funding under this Call as the submitted proposals did not meet the set requirements and the definition of what an ‘early-career’ researcher entails might have been too rigid or defined too much with a western perspective. Nevertheless this was a valuable learning moment for the programme and we hope to put the lessons learned towards a new Call supporting ‘early-career’ researchers, probably more regional tailored. If you have any ideas regarding stimulating ‘early career’ research please let us know.

The Outreach 2020 Call aims to support the accessibility of promising research results to beneficiaries or end users of project results for non-academic audiences. We have received interesting proposals and are currently in the process of selecting proposals for funding.

Project Annual Reports and DUPC2 Annual Report 2019

In February DUPC2 supported projects submitted their Annual Reports, detailing their activities and progress made in 2019. These reports have been reviewed and directly feed into the programmatic annual report to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been submitted early June. After approval from the ministry the annual programmatic report will be made available on the DUPC2 website. 


The DUPC2 programme management is starting preparations for an anticipated next phase of the programme, DUPC3, which is expected to start in 2022. A review of the current programme is planned to take place late 2020 or early 2021 and will be conducted by an external party commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


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