Delft, The Netherlands, 04 Nov 2014

eSOS Smart Toilet recognized as innovation with an impact by the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries

The most recent publication of the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries, Crossover Works #3: Innovating with the Creative Industry, features the eSOS smart toilet as a part of the inspiring selection of innovative crossovers with the creative industries. The eSOS smart toilet is considered as one of the impressive discoveries that resulted from unique collaborations with other key sectors named by the Dutch Government.

The emergency Sanitation Operation System (eSOS) concept provides a sustainable, holistic and affordable sanitation solution during the aftermath of a disaster. The eSOS reinvents (emergency) toilet and treatment facilities, and uses ICT to bring cost savings to the entire sanitation management chain.

The toilet will improve the quality of life of people in need during emergency situations - from natural to anthropological disasters - and minimizes the threat to public health of the most vulnerable members of society.

eSOS is developed as an interdisciplenary project. The request came from UNESCO-IHE, the innovative software is from Bosnian company Systech and the design is from a Delft-based agency called FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB.

Read more about the collaboration on page 16 of Crossover Works #3

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