Delft, The Netherlands, 30 Sep 2021

EU-supported Master students graduate following groundwater studies

Fifteen students from 13 countries who earned Masters of Science degrees in Groundwater and Global Change – Impacts and Adaptation (acronym GroundwatCh) received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony held 30 September at IHE Delft.

The GroundwatCh graduates have completed a two-year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme coordinated by IHE Delft in partnership with Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon and the Technical University of Dresden.

The GroundwatCH programme, launched in 2015, features challenging assignments, rigorous fieldwork and the use of advanced data processing tools.  The programme attracts students with diverse backgrounds.

Student experiences

”GroundwatCH has played a huge role in my personal and professional growth,” said graduate Tania Imran of Pakistan. “It allowed me to gain a holistic approach and equipped me with the tools needed to work towards mitigating the growing water and climate crisis.”

The programme’s use of the latest technology was useful, and can help “bring change for a better world,” said graduate Aditya Vikram Jain of India. “I plan to work for my country in the field of groundwater and climate science. I am passionate for both field and desktop studies and will try to work on remote places where there is a need for groundwater management.”

Interested in joining?

Interested in joining the Erasmus Mundus GroundwatCh Master?

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