Davos-Klosters, 21 Jan 2020

Extreme weather and Climate identified as number one risks by impact and likelihood over next 10 years

As the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, environmental concerns dominate the top of the Forum’s 2020 Global Risks Perception Survey. Only Weapons of mass destruction make it into this priority list as a non-environmental issue.

Damage from natural disasters cost US$ 165 billion in economic stress globally in 2018

Since 2007, The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, based on its annual perception survey, has increasingly flagged environmental issues among the top risks in terms of both likelihood and impact. This trend continues in 2020 with the five most likely risks identified as Extreme weather, Climate action failure, Natural disasters, Biodiversity loss and Human-made environmental disasters. The top five in terms of impact again include Climate action failure, Biodiversity loss and Extreme weather, but also Water crises, which have been consistently identified as a key risk in terms of impact since 2012.


Today our roving reporter, Nathan Hoek, talked to some of our research staff at IHE Delft about their views on the Global Risks Report and how our work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, can help to understand these issues and train the water professionals of the future. You can read more about what they told him using the links below:

Water Crises

Climate, Extreme weather and human & natural disasters

Biodiversity Loss

The foundation of the Global Risks Report is the Forum’s annual Global Risks Perception Survey, completed by approximately 800 members of its diverse communities.


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