Mozambique , 09 Sep 2020

Farmers developing an irrigation system in Mozambique

Despite the logistical challenges during the pandemic, the work with individual farmers in Mozambique continues.

Donia Ania has started farming her field with the Sunflower pump, accessing water from the sand river (Limpopo). The project is expanding as new farmers become involved in the project and start growing vegetables and maize with solar-powered pumps. The project aims to learn how to make productive use of the natural water storage of sand rivers in African drylands. 

A4Labs is an action research on Arid African Alluvial Aquifers. It will co-develop, test, share and compare with farmers and partners methodologies to create a reliable and sustainable source of water for agriculture in three semi-arid to arid regions of Sub-Sahara Africa, using water from dry river beds. A4Labs will also upscale these methodologies for use at river basin scale while maintaining sustainable abstraction limits and minimising negative social and ecological consequences.


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