Delft, the Netherlands, 01 Jun 2018

First public lecture of 'Water on Tap' lecture series

Last Tuesday, 35 people attended the first public lecture of the 'Water on Tap' lecture series. Co-hosted by Café De Gist, the aim of the 6-session lecture series is to bring greater awareness about water issues to the broader Delft community.

The first 'Water on Tap' lecture invited water experts from Delft and Amsterdam to talk about local and international water issues. In an informal setting, they raised key questions on how to sustainably manage this essential resource for current and future generations.

The keynote speakers were Professor Eddy Moors, Rector of IHE Delft; Bart Teeuwen, institutional and legal expert in water and sustainable energy policy; and Professor Michaela Hordijk, Director of the Research Master’s of International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Going Forward

In the first talk Professor Moors emphasised that we are not looking for solutions, but approaches to go forward. He stressed that there are major social and governance issues that need to be grappled in order to improve water use and distribution. 

The second speaker, Bart Teeuwen, stressed that the Netherlands focusses on technical solutions for water related problems. For example, replacing a sewage system in specific street or neigbourhood because one pipe is leaking. However, there are many other dimensions to take into account, such as the environmental, social and governance dimension. 

Professor Michaela Hordijk, the third and final speaker, reflected on how a centralised sewerage has been the norm in the Netherlands over the last century. Professor Hordijk raised a number of key questions challenging historical and current practices of disposing rather than effectively utilising water resources in a circular economy.

In between the talks, water-focused pub trivias were organized to test the knowledge of the public on water related issues. 

Next lecture

The next Water on Tap lecture will be held on 26 June from 20.00 to 22.00 at the same location on Phoenixstraat 4c in DelftIf you want to know more about Water on Tap Delft, and would like to keep updated on future lectures, please follow the Facebook page.


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