Delft, The Netherlands, 07 Oct 2020

GIS OpenCourseWare platform launched

The platform has been launched. It is the home of free course materials (videos and tutorials) about open source GIS software. This is a collaborative effort driven by our Senior Lecturer Hans van der Kwast.

The platform is 100% open source. All the free course materials (videos and tutorials) are about open source GIS software and tools.

We invite contributions including translations of the materials, as well as open materials shared by GIS lecturers and trainers through this IHE Delft hosted Moodle platform. Courses in English and French are currently already available.

OpenCourseWare comes without support. If there is a demand for support, IHE Delft can organise (online) courses or tailor made advice & trainings, often together with other course providers. Information about how to access these supported courses can also be found on the platform.

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