Hong Kong, 21 Nov 2014

Hong Kong Drainage Services Department and UNESCO-IHE sign Memorandum of Understanding

On 13 November 2014, Ir. Daniel CHUNG, Director of Drainage Services and Professor Arthur Mynett from UNESCO-IHE signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the collaboration, knowledge exchange and capacity building in the stormwater management and wastewater treatment field.

General aims

The aims of the cooperation are to promote co-operation between UNESCO-IHE and the Drainage Services Department (DSD) by obtaining the necessary support for activities of the envisaged partnership. Secondly, the partners aim to find moral and financial support for this co-operation from other regions and the international community and thirdly, to promote the exchange of knowledge and capacity development in sustainable stormwater management between the parties.

About DSD

The Drainage Services Department was established in 1989 in dealing with wastewater and stormwater drainage services issues in the territory.  Its vision is to maintain and develop a world-class wastewater and stormwater drainage services enabling the sustainable development of Hong Kong.  In the past 25 years, Hong Kong has gained remarkable progress and experience on both flood prevention and sewerage treatment.


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