IHE Delft and DUPC2 attending Stockholm World Water Week 2019

On 25-30 August the annual World Water Week, organized by SIWI, will take place in Stockholm. The programme consists of more than 260 seminars, workshops, plenaries, and other sessions convened by over 400 organizations. This year’s theme is ‘Water for society – including all’ focusses on a wider perspective around the topic of inclusivity.

The theme ‘Water for society – including all’ will mainly cover SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) 1 on poverty, SDG 2 on hunger, SDG 5 on gender equality, SDG 6 on water and sanitation, SDG 10 on inequality and SDG 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies. Most sessions will focus on reflecting on the theme, but all water-related topics are welcome.

IHE Delft will be actively involved in various sessions, and will also be present at the UNESCO Water Family Booth at the UN Water Pavilion. DUPC will also be represented through its projects.

On Tuesday 27 August the Water, Peace and Security consortium are hosting a ‘Water, Peace and Security – Networking reception’ at 17.45-19.00. This reception provides experts in the field with the opportunity to network and informally discuss their experiences and knowledge on issues concerning water resources and security, water-related security challenges and ways to address them.

On Wednesday 28 August the session ‘“Big data for all”, can it help improve agricultural productivity?’ at 09.00-10.00 will address the role of innovative technologies in supporting inclusive and sustainable agriculture. This session is convened by FAO, IHE Delft and the Dutch government, during which experiences around with using innovative technologies for sustainable agriculture and efficient use of water resources will be shared. Dr. Marloes Mul (Water-PIP) will moderate the session.

On Thursday 29 August the session "Panaceas or painkillers - what role for sustainability assessment tools?" at 14.00-15.30 will address the role of sustainability assessment tools for hydropower. Hydropower has seen a re-emergence on the international agenda due to climate change commitments, yet it can also bear negative consequences e.g. resettlement losses in ecosystems or dam security problems. During this session experts in hydropower sustainability assessment tools will present their expertise to a panel of hydropower stakeholders. Dr. Mario Franca (S-Multistor) will hold a keynote speech during the session. 

Additionally, DUPC’s regional committee member for Africa, Dr. Jean Marie Kileshye-Onema (WaterNet) will also be in attendance.  

Find other sessions with IHE Delft involvement here. For the full schedule, click here



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