Delft, The Netherlands, 04 Mar 2022

IHE Delft Highlights of 2021

For an overview of IHE Delft work to educate water professionals, conduct high-impact water research and help partners develop capacity, check out the new Highlights 2021 publication. In the foreword, Rector Eddy Moors notes that 2021 was a year focused on adaptation. Read an excerpt below and download the publication through the link to the right.

A year focused on adaptation

In the global struggle to adapt to the effects of climate change, solid scientific findings are needed to underpin policy. What action is needed, where, and when? Those are questions we set out to help answer with our research at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Though the two first questions have complex answers found, for example, in our research papers and project outcomes, the third is all too easy to answer: action is needed now. This message was conveyed in 2020 by the announcement of the Global Accelerator Framework for SDG 6 (Water and Sanitation) and is also emphasised in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis, to which IHE Delft scientists contributed. It’s also the message we brought (through remote participation) to world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Water is key to the climate adaptation agenda: action in the water and related sectors is urgent. 

Though our staff, students and partners demonstrated agility by quickly adapting so that our work could continue despite pandemic conditions, we look forward transitioning to a context in which in-person interaction becomes more possible. We will nonetheless bring forward the lessons offered by the pandemic, including the possibilities to reduce travel-related carbon-dioxide emissions by taking part in some events remotely, and possibilities to combine work from home and the office to the benefit of all.

No matter what developments the future brings us, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances will be needed. The past two years have demonstrated that we are ready.

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