Delft, The Netherlands, 16 Feb 2021

IHE Delft / HKV selected as a most promising solution for Living with Floods Challenge

A team from IHE Delft, collaborated with HKV on an idea to raise awareness of flood risk and preparedness in vulnerable peri-urban communities in Mozambique. The idea called ‘Nosso Mural de Cheias’ means ‘Our Floor Mural’ in Portuguese.

Location specific information will be provided by strategically placing murals in areas easily accessible by those most at risk. The main idea behind the mural is to inform the community about flood risk awareness and create a sense of ownership within the community. The people living in these areas will be given information about actions to be taken before a flood and supported by information channels such as social media, downloadable apps, SMS services, or radio.

The Flood Mural of IHE Delft and HKV and cleaning drainage ditches ideas of (Associacao Face) are the two ideas selected to be piloted with Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) in Mozambique from March 2021 onwards.

The goal of this open innovation challenge hosted by the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) was to help vulnerable people create a safer community for themselves by anticipating and acting to minimise the impact of floods.

The IHE Delft Team consisted of Adele Young, Biswa Bhattacharya and Chris Zevenbergen while the HKV Team comprised of Fredrik Huthoff, Hugo Hagedooren and Michelle Rudolph.

Please visit: HKV & IHE Delft and Associacao Face partners for Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) in the pressing challenge of living with Floods in Mozambique - DCHI for more information on this development.

Watch the video Living with Floods here.


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