Delft, The Netherlands, 04 Feb 2022

IHE Delft Innovations for Water and Development

To solve water problems, we must think in new ways. The usual business approaches won’t fix the challenges that face us - innovation is needed. At IHE Delft, we support innovation in all our core activities, including education, research and through our partnerships. In this third edition, we offer a snapshot of what kind of research we do.

IHE Delft innovations are not only technological; they also involve educational programmes and research findings. All have social, economic, environmental, governance, institutional and political dimensions and are well aligned with relevant international and national science programmes, including that of UNESCO.

We support innovation through fostering broad, multidisciplinary thinking, and through providing facilities for advanced research and development that results in new innovative solutions. Innovations are developed in response to demand, but they provide their intended benefit only if used as intended. At IHE Delft, we ensure that our work leads to results that are welcomed and applied by users, society and peers. This approach has led to prizes and awards and frequent publication citations.

The booklet offers a snapshot of some of our innovations, many of which were developed during years of research and development involving IHE Delft staff, PhD fellows and MSc students, in partnership with universities, research centres and private companies.


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