Delft, The Netherlands, 06 Sep 2019

IHE Delft introduces online courses on water for food security

IHE Delft introduces three online courses on water for food security, starting in October and November 2019. The online courses are developed for professionals from government, consultancy or academia to deepen knowledge and learn practical tools, applicable in daily work. Each course requires around 10 study hours per week and take 14 weeks in total to complete.

Starting in 2019, the courses will be offered on a yearly basis. You have a choice of following one, two or all three of them, in the order of your preference.

Online courses at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Online courses allow you to learn from different locations at your convenience and to immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge to your working environment. The guidance by lecturing staff during these online courses is intensive, and there are many opportunities to get feedback from and interact with fellow participants. 

The IHE Delft eCampus is used to disseminate training material and for communication. It contains lecture notes and technological learning tools such as presentations, videos featuring case studies from various countries, interviews with experts, quizzes and audio material as well as a discussion area where both participants and lecturers can meet.

Check our online course page for more information about admission criteria, discounts and credit points

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