IHE Delft, 21 Sep 2017

IHE Delft Postdoc wins prestigious Marsh Award

The Marsh Award for an Early Career Entomologist is awarded for an early career contribution to Entomological Science that is judged to be outstanding or exemplary with single or ongoing impact on the science.

John Simaika received this award for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Dragonfly Biotic Index (DBI), a rapid biomonitoring method using adult dragonflies for streams and wetlands. The DBI is rapidly becoming accepted as a mainstream method of assessment in South Africa. Its use in other African countries, particularly the Afrotropics is being investigated. The acceptance and use of the DBI across tropical regions, will allow for regular monitoring of these highly threatened ecosystems. John is also interested in using drones to help with rapid assessment. His kickstarter project "Drones and Dragons" will launch on November 20. 

IHE Delft would like to congratulate John on winning this prestigious award.

The Royal Entomological Society's announcement of the award on their website: https://www.royensoc.co.uk/news/2017-08-01/2017-marsh-award-winners-announced

Twitter announcement https://twitter.com/RoyEntSoc/status/908064211347099649


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