Delft, 01 Aug 2017

IHE Delft Rector congratulates Dr. Roelvink on International Coastal Engineering Award

Dr. Dano Roelvink, Professor of Coastal Engineering and Port Development, received the prestigious 2017 International Coastal Engineering Award from the Coast, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The award was made for ''his tremendous contributions in leadership and development of the theory and modeling of coastal morphodynamics, and for his role as an international educator in the field of coastal dynamics.”

In selecting Dr. Roelvink for this award, the committee particularly noted Dr. Roelvink's involvement in EU-sponsored research projects on coastal morphodynamics.

IHE Delft congratulates Dano on his achievement. When asked for a response to this event, he said he was humbled but motivated to keep developing open-source models of storm impacts on coasts and of long-term evolution of coastlines. These models are applied worldwide and can help to improve the management of our coasts and beaches, many of which are under severe stress due to population presssure and climate change.


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