Antigua, Guatemala, 10 Nov 2019

IHE Delft Refresher Course Guatemala 11 to 15 November 2019

Our Alumni Refresher Course in Antigua, Guatemala, on 'Towards sustainable water management and food production using nature-based solutions in LAAC Countries’ last November attracted former IHE Delft students from across the Latin American and Caribbean (LAAC) region to update their knowledge, get to know leading Dutch companies (TAUW, INDYMO, HEZY, Ocean Cleanup), and share views on new and emerging issues in water management.

The course was organized by IHE Delft, the University of San Carlos, Guatemala, with the financial support of Nuffic. Dr. Arlex Sanchez Torres and Dr. Carlos Lopez Vazquez, were the coordinators of the course, together with alumna Karin Rivas Sanchez, from our partner Institution.


The main objective of the Course, explained the coordinators, was to provide an update on innovative knowledge and practices, using nature-based solutions for sustainable water management and its essential (inter-)relationship with food production.

  • “Guatemala and the region suffer a severe environmental crisis, the solutions presented in the course offer interesting new alternatives to the way things are done now,” said alumnus, Raul Calderon.
  • “I acquired a more comprehensive perception of the sustainable water management problems,” added alumna Claudia Ximena Ramos, “especially the gender approach.”

During the course, lectures about Climate Change, vision and demands of the new generation, gender, innovation approaches and technical solutions were discussed. Online lectures were given by leading Dutch companies, which showed their new innovative products and best practices. The group visited Atitlan and the community of San Pedro La Laguna, where their inhabitants made progress in tackling the problem of plastic, by nearly eradicating the use of plastic. Coffee breaks and mealtimes were the moments for good conversations, networking and time to relax with friends, to renew the memories of the golden years in Delft. On the final day, all participants presented their take home plans, showing how they will implement the knowledge gained during the week.


Alumni Gathering and closing
Extra alumni from Guatemala and Mrs. B. M. Derks, Commercial Affairs, Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guatemala, joined the last session of the course. A presentation about IHE Delft alumni policy took place, followed by a brainstorming to share new ideas. The course concluded with the certificates award and a dinner where two alumni coordinators for Guatemala were announced: Ms. Karin Rivas Vazquez and Rolando Lopez Portillo who are willing to activate the alumni group in their countryAt IHE Delft we are committed to lifelong learning. Our Alumni Refresher courses take place every year across the world, with the financial support from Nuffic contributing to the continued professional development of our alumni, facilitating their ongoing impact in their respective institutions. The courses are evaluated by our alumni as an important experience in increasing knowledge and building their professional network.








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