India, 31 Jan 2020

IHE in the News: Researching agrarian transformations in India from a feminist perspective

IHE Delft PhD student, Irene Leonardelli, found herself in the local news as her research into agrarian transformation took her to Pondhe, a small village close to Pune in India. Her work which is conducted as part of the Well-being, Ecology, Gender and cOmmunity - Innovative Training Network (WEGO-ITN), focuses on farmers cultivating flowers using waste water - you can read the English translation below!

Irene Leonardelli, from Italy is interested in floriculture, water and environment. For her PhD study she has selected Pondhe village.

In Pondhe, which is located in the Eastern part of Purandar, floriculture is practised widely. Therefore Leonardelli has selected this village for her study. Leonardelli, who is 24 years old, is studying water and environment at IHE Delft, Netherlands. Every day she herself is going to the village, and visiting farmers on their fields. She is getting information from farmers regarding the changes in agriculture since Purandar Lift Irrigation Scheme, what were the crops taken earlier, and how they have changed now, how water availability has changed production and lifestyle of people. 

Since Leonardelli doesn’t understand Marathi, she is taking help from Isha Thorat as a translator. Isha Thorat translates the information shared by farmers in Marathi, and conveys it in English. It is indeed interesting that a foreign student who has chosen a topic in agriculture, and studying in our village. 

Farmers in the village have been giving us lot of information, Leonardelli said. 

You can read the original article, published in the local newspaper, Pudhari, here


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