Delft, The Netherlands, 15 Jul 2019

Inaugural address Professor Mário J. Franca

On 12 July, Mário J. Franca delivered his Inaugural Address on 'The change is here, faites vos jeux! Hydraulic engineering in times of adaptation' at IHE Delft. In doing so, he officially became Professor of Hydraulic Engineering for River Basin Development at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education as well as at Delft University of Technology.

His Inaugural Address was preceded by a Micro Symposium, which Claudia Adduce from the Roma Tre University chaired by welcoming the guests and introducing the speakers. 

The first speaker, Bettina Schaefli from the University of Lausanne gave a Keynote on 'Predicting mountain water resources: challenges & chances.' 

Thanos Papanicolaou from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the second speaker,  presented his Keynote on 'Telling the story of a sediment grain from provenance to transport: the role of landscape connectivity'.

In his Inaugural Address, Mario J. Franca talked about climate change, including deforestation and the benefits of reforestation. His message emphasised the need to try to simplify an approach to a problem as being the only way to handle complexity. 

He talked about the cascading effect of water problems and how all the elements are connected, so the solution has to be one in which different disciplines have to work together. He mentioned four projects specifically where such an approach is being adopted, by working closely with diverse colleagues from IHE Delft.

To watch the mini-symposium and Inaugural Address, please open the video in YouTube, and click on the part in the programme you wish to see.

Professor Franca's Address 'The change is here, faites vos jeux! hydraulic engineering in times of adaptation' is freely available as an e-book, please download it on from the block on the right.


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