Inception workshop of DUPC2 project 'WASAR' mentioned in the Jordan Times

The Jordan Times published a news item on the inception workshop for the DUPC2 project 'Water and Sanitation solutions to the refugees: two cases from Jordan and Palestine' (WASAR) which took place at Al Balqa University in Jordan last week. Find below a snippet and a link to the full article.

AMMAN — The Netherlands and IHEDelft’s Partnership Programme for Water and Development (DUPC2), announced on Saturday the launch of a new project to find solutions to sanitation and water issues in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and Palestine. 

The project, which is being funded by The Netherlands and managed by IHEDelft, is a collaborative effort between Birzeit University in Palestine and Al Balqa Applied University in Jordan, according to a joint statement to The Jordan Times. The statement added that the plan is called “Water and sanitation solutions to the refugees: two cases from Jordan and Palestine” (WASAR). 


Read the full Jordan Times article here. Find here an article on the WASAR inception workshop written by DUPC2 regional committee member Dr. Naser Almanaseer.


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